How to Renovate a Fish Tank

Like many people we are staying home this weekend, not in quarantine or self isolation luckily, just hanging out in the house avoiding crowds.

So...... clean the bathroom? ....cupboards? .....aquarium?   Yes!

Step 1

Clean the glass

Magnet cleaners are great. Kids love them!


Step 2

Pull out any tired plants. Gently clean and keep good plants wet. 

Step 3

Gravel siphon the muck from the gravel into a bucket.

Step 4

Clean up the yucky water with a towel - this doubles as floor cleaning so housework done too.

Step 5

Refill the tank with water & water conditioner.   I use Pisces Complete.

Step 6

Admire your minimalist tank! Change is good enjoy the process. Don’t worry the cloudiness will settle.

Step 7

New plants!! Now for some retail therapy.

At Scapeshop we source our aquarium plants directly from the grower when you place your order. Fresh, healthy plants delivered to your door.

Step 8


It’s like Christmas every time we open a box.


Left to right, front to back : Cryptocoryne Wendtii Tropica Terracotta Pots, Cryptocoryne Petchii Terracotta Pots, Echinodorus Bleheri, Echinodorus Rose, Terracotta Vase with Hemianthus calichtroides Cuba, Echinodorus Marble Queen, Echinodorus Lothario, Rainforest Garden Driftwood Creation, Anubias Barterii Large Driftwood Creation,  Anubias Emerald Heart Large Driftwood Creation.

Step 9

Imagine you’re gardening underwater or landscaping. Tall at the back. Driftwood for grounding. Shorter at the front. Cluster groups together. Add some colour. Leave some blank space.

Step 10