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Anubias Barteri

Scientific name: Anubias barteriTrade name: Barteri AnubiasDifficulty: EasyEasy Anubias with excellent effect, growing large in the aquarium with impressive, broad are Live Aquarium Plant specialists! With over 6 years...

Assorted 5 Pack Terracotta Pots

Scientific name: Echinodorus amazonicusTrade name: Amazon SwordDifficulty: EasyFantastic beginner Echinodorus with long, attractive leaves. Grows quickly in the tank and fills out fast for a great are Live Aquarium...


Scientific name: Hygrophila difformis Trade name: Wisteria, Water Wisteria Difficulty: Easy A good staple plant for budding aquascapers and aquarists. Fantastic divided leaves add incredible texture to tanks when planted...

Echinodorus Klienerber

  Scientific name: Echinodorus klienerberTrade name: Broad-leaf SwordDifficulty: EasyA very large-growing Echinodorus with broad leaves and very long petioles. Fast growing and fills space in the aquarium well. --  ...

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Scientific name: Lilaeopsis brasiliensisTrade name: LilaeopsisDifficulty: ModerateAttractive grass for groundcover or foreground effect, perfect for creating a minimal grassy aquarium or for covering bare are Live Aquarium Plant specialists!...

Echinodorus Tropica

Scientific name: Echinodorus sp. 'Tropica'Trade name: Tropica SwordDifficulty: EasyMid-size Echinodorus with sword-like leaves, good for mass-planting in aquariums. Will grow quickly and spread are Live Aquarium Plant specialists! With...
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