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Tuxedo Endler Guppies (2cm) Trio

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Tuxedo Endler Guppy (2cm)

This trio of beautiful guppies contains 2 males and 1 female. 

Tuxedo Endlers are rare and collectable. They have very striking patterns of red, yellow and black. They have the distinctive forked tail pattern that Endlers share. The females are more plain but are strong and healthy. This Guppy variety is highly attractive and desirable. They will become a feature in any aquarium. 

Endlers are miniature guppies that are wonderful aquarium fish. They are peaceful, beautiful fish that come in many colours and patterns. They are great in a peaceful community tank or featured in a large school. They are live-bearers that give birth to fry.

Our guppies are all Australian bred and grown by Pisces Aquatics in Queensland. Our Fish Breeders at Pisces have selected and bred from the most beautiful, healthy guppies to produce a large collection of named varieties of these wonderful fish. We are proud to present some new colours that are exclusive to Pisces.

Guppies are omnivores who enjoy Tropical Pellets, Tropical Flake or Micro Pellets. They can also be given Algae Wafers as a treat. 

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