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Pisces Air Pump AP6200

Pisces Air Pump AP6200

Pisces Air Pump AP6200

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Pisces Aquatics Air Pump AP6200 Single Outlet

Pisces high-pressure air pumps are robust and very quiet. With adjustable airflow, they are suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums. 

Aquarium Bubblers are vital for aerating the water column and agitating the water surface to provide oxygenation and gas exchange in an aquarium ecosystem. 

Aeration helps to maintain water quality, assisting in fish health and disease resistance. 

These ultra-silent pumps are ideal to use with Pisces Air Tube and Air Stones

These air pumps are used in the production facilities at Pisces who are Australia's largest producers of Ornamental Fish and Aquarium Plants. 

  • AP2800 ~ for tanks up tp 100 litres 2800CC
  • AP3600 ~ for tanks up to 160 litres 3600CC
  • AP6200 ~ for tanks up to 250 litres 6000CC
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