Rotala Rotundifolia 5cm Pot

Rotala Rotundifolia 5cm Pot

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Rotala Rotundifolia 5cm Pot

General Description: A favourite among Aquascapers. Rotala rotundifolia has small green, round leaves. The excellent coin-shaped leaves are held on a delicate plant that adds genuine interest to an aquarium.

What is special about me? Rotala rotundifolia is a creeping aquatic herb that grows underwater or emerging from streams in the wild. It grows vibrant pink spires of flowers along creeksides and rice paddies in South East Asia.

Scientific name: Rotala rotundifolia

Trade name: Rotala rotundifolia

Also known as: Dwarf rotala

Country of Origin: Asia

pH Range: 6-8

Temperature Range: 15 to 30 degrees Celcius

Suitable for: Cold and Tropical Water and Ponds

Tank Position: Suitable for anywhere you like in the tank

Difficulty: Moderate

Tank Mates: The leaves are delicate so better with peaceful fish and tetras