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Alternanthera reineckii Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Alternanthera reineckiiTrade name: ReineckiiDifficulty: ModerateFairly fast-growing and tall plant, good for the midground or background. Regular trimming keeps it low and bushy.    

Ammania senegalensis Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Ammania senegalensisTrade name: AmmaniaDifficulty: ModerateA fairly new plant to the hobby popular in Tissue Culture. Makes for a nice, fairly easy stem plant which grows to a...

Eleocharis parvula Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Eleocharis parvulaTrade name: HairgrassDifficulty: EasyGood for spreading throughout a large aquascape, or growing in big clumps for small fish to hide in communal fish tanks. Fairly easy Tissue Culture...

Glossostigma elatinoides Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Glossostigma elatinoidesTrade name: GlossostigmaDifficulty: AdvancedAnother incredible ground-cover when grown to its best. Requires quite intense light, cO2 introduction and good care.  

Hemianthus callitrichoides Tissue Cuture

  Scientific name: Hemianthus calichtroides 'Cuba'Trade name: CubaDifficulty: AdvancedPerhaps one of the most sought-after plants in premium growing condition. Requires high-tech tanks ideally with cO2 introduction.  

Hygrophila lancea Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Hygrophila lancea / Hygrophila angustifoliaTrade name: Lance-leaf HygrophilaDifficulty: ModerateAn attractive form of Hygrophila with somewhat lanceate leaves, a good staple tissue culture for aquascaping.  

Lobelia cardinalis Tissue Culture

Scientific name: Lobelia cardinalis Trade name: Lobelia, Cardinal Lobelia Difficulty: Easy An easy stem plant great for lower tech tanks. An excellent first choice for those just starting out growing...

Ludwigia glandulosa Tissue Culture

 Scientific name: Ludwigia glandulosa Trade name: LudwigiaDifficulty: ModerateAn intensely red plant excellent for introducing colour variation. Quite slow growing and thrives in low-to-medium tech tanks.  

Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Micranthemum tweedei 'Monte Carlo'Trade name: Monte CarloDifficulty: ModerateA favourite for aquascaping. Nice groundcover that thrives in medium-tech tanks. A good alternative to Micranthemum 'Cuba'  

Pogostemon helferi Tissue Culture

Scientific name: Pogostemon helferi Trade name: Pogo Helferi Difficulty: Moderate A distinct type of groundcover which spreads freely in medium-tech aquariums. Unique curly leaf texture.  

Riccia Tissue Culture

  Scientific name: Riccia fluitansTrade name: RicciaDifficulty: ModerateA liverwort which is usable as a traditional floating plant or as a plant attached to rock, held to the substrate or used...

Staurogyne Tissue Culture

Scientific name: Staurogyne repens Trade name: Staurogyne Difficulty: Moderate A hardy, low growing plant for the foreground of the aquarium grown from Tissue Culture, which grow best in medium-tech tanks...
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