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Terracotta Creations

Aquarium Plants growing on terracotta urns, pots, shrimp tubes & more. Perfect homes that make fine features in your tank

Assorted Cryptocoryne Vase Urn


Borneo Sword Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper - Green


Chlorophytum Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper


Dwarf Hairgrass Vase Urn


Fontinalis Topiary Ball (Java Moss)


Giant Cardamine Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper

$25.99 Terracotta Creation Glossosostigma Terracotta Vase Urn
watch_later Sold Out

Glossosostigma Terracotta Vase Urn


Gold Pennywort Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper


Green Pennywort Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper


Hairgrass Vase Urn


Large Terracotta Urn ~ Nana & Fontinalis


Large Terracotta Urn ~ Paco & Fontinalis


Large Urn with Handles ~ Nana & Fontinalis


Lobelia Cardinalis Vase Urn


Monte Carlo Vase Urn


Purple Waffle Aquaponic Pot - Tank Topper


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