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Hardscaping & Ornaments

Driftwood and Terracotta Pieces are great for grounding a tank.  Create a hardscape then add plants to complete your aquascape.

4 Kg Boulder Rock ~ New Zealand Lava


Bare Terracotta Cave


Bare Terracotta Pot 9cm


Bare Terracotta Shrimp Tubes


Bare Terracotta Urn Large


Bare Terracotta Urn Small


Bare Terracotta Urn with Handles Large


Bare Terracotta Urn with Handles Small


Bare Terracotta Vase


Bonsai Tree Mountain - Piece A - “Vitality”


Bonsai Tree Mountain - Piece B - “Tenacious”


Bonsai Tree Mountain - Piece G - “Resilience”


Catappa Leaf (One Leaf)


Catappa Leaves (Bag of 5 leaves)


Five Nano Boulder Rocks


Large Boulder Rock ~ New Zealand Lava


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