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Ambulia Bunch

 Scientific name: Lymnophila sessiflora  Trade name: AmbuliaDifficulty: Easy A staple for beginner aquarists. Fantastic plumes of fluffy leaves which expand in the water to fill out the aquarium.

Giant Ambulia Bunch

  Scientific name: Lymnophila aquaticaTrade name: Giant AmbuliaDifficulty: EasyAn easy variant of the popular, easy Ambulia plant. Bushy leaflets on thin, attractive stems. Combine with regular Ambulia for variation. A...

Filigree Milfoil Bunch

  Scientific name: Myriophyllum simulansTrade name: MilfoilDifficulty: ModerateDelicate stems with bushy leaflets makes Milfoil a classic aquarium favorite. Combine with similar plants in a mass-planting for impact and effect.  ...

Hygrophila Bunch

  Scientific name: Hygrophila polyspermaTrade name: HygrophilaDifficulty: ModerateA classic Aquarium plant. Fantastic performance under-water with minimal tech and requirements, with strong colour impact.  

Pisces Hygrophila Bunch

  Scientific name: Hygrophila 'Pisces'Trade name: Pisces HygroDifficulty: ModerateA cultivar of Hygro developed by Pisces Enterprises in Australia. Larger leaf internode space creates a contrast when planted with regular Hygro....

Ludwigia Bunch

  Scientific name: Ludwigia repens x 'Palustris'Trade name: LudwigiaDifficulty: ModerateExcellent colour variation plant, perfect for breaking up blocks of green in an aquarium.  

Narrow Ludwigia Bunch

  Scientific name: Ludwigia glandulosaTrade name: Narrow LudwigiaDifficulty: ModerateA narrow-leaf version of the regular Ludwigia. Combine with regular Ludwigia for texture variation and to break up blocks of green.  ...

Mayaca Bunch

  Scientific name: Mayaca fluviatilisTrade name: MayacaDifficulty: ModerateA tall, thin plant with thin leaflets perfect for aquariums. Combine with similar plants such as Ambulia, Elodea and more.  

Wisteria Bunch

Scientific name: Hygrophila difformis Trade name: Wisteria, Water Wisteria Difficulty: Easy A good staple plant for budding aquascapers and aquarists. Fantastic divided leaves add incredible texture to tanks when planted...

Rotala Wallichii Bunch

  Scientific name: Rotala wallichiiTrade name: RotalaDifficulty: AdvancedA wonderful plant, well worth the effort to grow. Somewhat delicate, it prefers an Aquarium with good growing conditions and plenty of light....

Rotala Rotundifolia Bunch

  Scientific name: Rotala rotundifoliaTrade name: Rotala rotundifoliaDifficulty: ModerateA favourite among Aquascapers. Excellent coin-shaped leaves on a delicate plant that adds genuine interest to an aquarium.  

Pogostemon Stellata Bunch

Scientific name: Pogostemon stellata Trade name: Pogo Stellata Difficulty: Moderate Incredible array of colours on a bushy, long-stemmed plant perfect for aquariums. A favourite for planted aquarium enthusiasts.  

Pink Baby Tears Bunch

  Scientific name: Bacopa monnieri 'Pink'Trade name: Pink Baby TearsDifficulty: Moderate to DifficultA beautiful pink plant which offers colour that few other plants do. Combine with Green Baby Tears for...

Pine Needles Bunch

  Scientific name: Hydrotriche hottoniifloraTrade name: Pine NeedlesDifficulty: ModerateAn absolutely beautiful plant for any aquarium. Incredible, thick stems with luscious Needle-like leaves. Mass plant for incredible effect.  

Bacopa Bunch

  Scientific name: Bacopa carolinianaTrade name: BacopaDifficulty: EasySuper-easy, undemanding beginner stem plant with a moderate growth rate. Cut shoots easily grow, excellent for filling out an aquarium.

Violet Bunch

  Scientific name: Alternanthera sp.Trade name: VioletDifficulty: EasyA good beginner bunch plant which grows for a medium time in cooler aquariums. Good for large amounts of red. Similar to Telanthera....

Green Baby Tears Bunch

  Scientific name: Bacopa monnieriTrade name: Green Baby TearsDifficulty: ModerateAn attractive, long-growing plant good for Mid and Back ground. Can often require high light and good fertilising to grow well....

Green Pennywort Bunch

  Scientific name: Lysimachia numulariaTrade name: Green PennywortDifficulty: EasyA quick-growing plant for aquariums. Great for a more formal effect with round, consistent leaves and colour impact.  

Gold Pennywort Bunch

  Scientific name: Lysimachia numularia 'Aurea'Trade name: Gold PennywortDifficulty: EasyA quick-growing plant for aquariums. Great for a more formal effect with round, consistent leaves and colour impact.  

Banana Lily

  Scientific name: Nymphaea aquaticaTrade name: Banana LilyDifficulty: EasyA unique and interesting Lily-type plant, named for its Banana-shaped roots which make for an interesting plant until leaves form.

Dwarf Pongol Clump

  Scientific name: Ophiopogon sp.Trade name: Dwarf PongolDifficulty: EasyA Terrarium grass that can be used in an aquarium, particularly if upper leaves emerge from the water. Great Terrarium or Aquarium...

Cardamine Giant Bunch

  Scientific name: Hydrocotyle leucocephalaTrade name: Giant CardamineDifficulty: ModerateA spreading, fast growing plant with round leaves. Provides mass foliage effect and good coverage for aquarium backgrounds.

Aluminium Bunch

  Scientific name: Pilea cardereiTrade name: Aluminium PlantDifficulty: Easy/BeginnerAttractive plant with patterned leaves, perfect for quick and easy decor in your Aquarium.  

Dragons Flame Bunch

  Trade name: Dragon's FlameDifficulty: EasyA short-lived Terrarium plant useful as temporary aquarium decor or in terrariums or paludariums. Excellent colour impact. -

Blue Stricta Bunch

  Scientific name: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Stricta'Trade name: Blue StrictaDifficulty: EasyA large type of Hygrophila with fairly low requirements, perfect for filling out empty spaces in the middle-to-back of an aquarium....

Cardamine Lyrata Bunch

  Scientific name: Cardamine lyrataTrade name: LyrataDifficulty: EasyAn excellent plant for in the aquarium, providing long stems with fast growth and plenty of foliage. Prefers cooler water to grow well....

Silver Waffle Bunch

  Trade name: Silver WaffleDifficulty: EasyA staple beginner decor plant for Terrariums or as short-lived decor in Aquariums. Great for breaking up green colours.  

Curly Ivy Bunch

  Trade name: Curly IvyDifficulty: EasyA useful plant for Terrariums and Paludariums, as well as temporary decor inside your aquarium.  

Thin Valisneria Bunch

  Scientific name: Valisneria americanTrade name: Thin ValDifficulty: EasyThe classic form of Valisneria for in aquariums, known commonly as Thin Val. An excellent, hardy plant perfect as a backdrop, screening...

Elodea Bunch

  Scientific name: Egeria densaTrade name: ElodeaDifficulty: EasyA super easy plant, and often the first plant many people buy. Long-lasting and grows quickly in the aquarium. Excellent as a backdrop...

Lemna minor 'Duckweed' (Bag)

  Scientific name: Lemna minorTrade name: DuckweedDifficulty: Easy (Potentially Weedy)A very fast-spreading, easy to grow floating plant which (as per it's name) has a tendency to quickly spread and cover the water...
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