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Welcome to Scapeshop


With generations of horticultural experience and a passion for Aquarium Plants, our family presents, where you can find the biggest range of Australian grown Aquarium Plants, fresh from the greenhouses and growing tanks direct to your door.  All of our Aquarium Plants are from Pisces Enterprises, our fish are from Pisces Aquatics. Our family-owned wholesale nursery and fish farm, celebrating 53 years in 2024. Our plants and fish are shipped directly to you ensuring that they are of the highest possible quality and freshness.

Our family wants the widest variety of Aquarium Plants to be easily available to everyone online. 

Our plants fall into 6 Main Categories on the website. 

Anubias, Crypts, Sword Plants are three big families of Aquarium plants that are very reliable, collectible, and look amazing in an aquarium. They have been sourced from the wild many years ago and bred from and hybridized by Aquarium Plant horticulturists at Pisces and a few other aquarium nurseries across the world. 

A lot of the starter genetics for aquarium plants in Australia were collected by Ed and Gillian Frazer in various jungles and wetlands of the world. Ed is a passionate plant breeder and collector and started the original aquarium plant nursery 50 years ago. His son, Andrew continues with that passion and dedication to the aquarium plants and his children are the third generation working & living on Pisces Enterprises' farm. 

Bunch Plants are another big category, that includes stem plants that are sold to you as cuttings and are true aquatic or conditioned, through generations of selective breeding and cultivation, for aquarium use. Bunch plants may grow fast and require cutting back and replanting or replacing and they are very valuable because they help to strip nutrients and waste products from your water. 

Tissue Cultures are tiny plants grown in sterile media. They come in a little pot and you gently wash the jelly off, then plant the tiny plants. (Aquascaping Tweezers are helpful for planting) They are mostly grown in the Pisces Laboratory here in Australia.

Other Plants are just that - other aquarium plants.  


Growth Style:

Now... if you find that you like or are looking for a particular growing style of aquarium plants, look at the next four collections.

We have Creations that are plants grown on driftwood, rocks, or terracotta pieces. They are very attractive and make great features in your aquarium for instant impact.

3cm Terracotta Pots are plants in grow-wool in tiny terracotta pots. Pop them in, as is, or remove the pot and grow-wool and plant into your substrate.

5cm Pots are plants in a larger, plastic net pot. Again, plant the lot in your substrate or remove the grow-wool and pot and plant away. 

Bare-root Plants are chosen from the Pisces greenhouses and tanks on the day that we send them. They are carefully cleaned and packed so that you can plant them in your aquarium. 


Otherwise, you can just click on All Aquarium Plants and scroll endlessly through every plant.


All of our plants come directly to you from Australia's most experienced Aquatic Plant nursery, Pisces Enterprises. No double-handling or extra flights across the country. 

We also stock a large range of aquarium accessories, filters, lights, tanks, hardscaping, food, pumps, and water treatments. Plus a growing section of Fish from Pisces Aquatics - Australia's largest Ornamental Fish Farm.

I am constantly adding more details and photos to make it easier to choose your plants and accessories. The “real” photographs are not touched up so you can see more clearly what you can expect to get. I am including photos of the plants in our aquariums which may have been growing for a while. In our home, we have low-tech tanks with gravel substrates. 

I'm happy for you to reach out to if you have any queries.

Happy aquascaping or underwater gardening,