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Our extensive collection of individual Anubias plants. Lots of Anubias are also available in the Planted Creations. 

Anubias Petite Emerald Heart Bare-root Small


Anubias Petite Emerald Heart Bare-root Large


Anubias Petite Emerald Heart 5cm Pot


Anubias Paco Bare-root Small


Anubias Paco Bare-root Large


Anubias Paco 5cm Pot


Anubias Nana Bare-root Small


Anubias Nana Bare-root Large


Anubias Nana 5cm Pot


Anubias Nana 3cm Terracotta Pot


Anubias Nana 'Petite' Bare-root


Anubias Mother Plant - Extra-special, Extra-Jumbo

$150.00  $160.00

Anubias Hybrid Bare-root Small


Anubias Hybrid Bare-root Large


Anubias Frilly Bare-root Small


Anubias Frilly Bare-root Large


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