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Java Fern & Moss ~ Microsorum, Bolbitus & Fontinalis

Java Fern and Moss to create beautiful aquascapes

'Indo' Microsorum pteropus (Indo Java Fern) 5cm pot


Fontinalis Topiary Ball (Java Moss)


Small Fontinalis Lava Rock (Java Moss)


Crested Microsorum (Windelov Java Fern) 3cm Terracotta Pot


Crested Microsorum Bare-root (Windelov Java Fern)


Fontinalis Log - Medium (Java Moss)


Large Terracotta Urn ~ Nana & Fontinalis


Small Terracotta Urn ~ Anubias Nana & Fontinalis


Fontinalis Rock Lava Creation (Java Moss)


Fontinalis Log - Small (Java moss)


'Thai' variant Microsorum pteropus (Thai Java Fern) 5cm pot


Bolbitus Heudelotii 5cm Pot


Small Terracotta Urn - Anubias Paco & Fontinalis


Small Urn with Handles ~ Anubias Nana & Fontinalis


Large Terracotta Urn ~ Paco & Fontinalis


Fontinalis Log - Large (Java Moss)


Large Urn with Handles ~ Nana & Fontinalis


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