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Anubias 'Lucy' on Mini Driftwood Creation

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Anubias 'Lucy' on Mini Driftwood Creation 

Scientific name: Anubias 'Lucy"

Difficulty: Easy

The Anubias family of plants has a large number of different species and cultivars. This diversity provides a wide range of leaf shapes and sizes, mostly in a lovely deep green colour with slightly lighter green, new leaves. Anubias are long-term, slow-growing and hardy plants that can tolerate a wide range of water conditions and light levels. 

Anubias are flowering, aquatic and semi-aquatic plants that are native to tropical central and western Africa. In the wild, they grow in rivers, marshes and streams both completely submerged for long stretches of time in the wet seasons and out of water in damp places and riverbanks. They have a similar form of flower to other Arum plants, with small white or green flowers that resemble a miniature calla-lilly.

Suitable for aquariums, paludariums and humid terrariums. Frogs enjoy hiding in their leaves. 

Plants in general, are vital in an aquarium, to oxygenate the water, remove pollutants and help to control nitrate levels. 

Temperature: 22-28 degrees Celcius

pH: 6.0 - 8.0

Anubias are very tolerant of low pH, which makes them a good choice for aquariums where you are keeping fish such as Tetras and Discus who prefer a pH of 6-7.

Anubias are very tolerant of low-light conditions and can be planted under ledges, overhangs and in the shade of other plant canopys. 

The leaves on an Anubias grow from a creeping rhizome and the roots are primarily used as anchorage instead of a nutrient uptake system. The rhizome should not be buried in the substrate. Anubias are ideal for growing on Driftwood, Rock and Terracotta and are very popular in our Creations Range.

Anubias are available bare root, in 5cm pots, in 3cm terracotta pots and on many driftwood and terracotta creations. They are a wonderfully versatile aquatic plant that should be in every aquarium.

Pisces Enterprises Driftwood Creation Anubias 'Lucy' on Mini Driftwood Creation
Anubias 'Lucy' on Mini Driftwood Creation

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