Aquarium Gravel Siphon Cleaner - Medium

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Pisces Aquarium Gravel Siphon Cleaner - Medium

30.5cm siphon barrel and 2m clear tube hose with tap

Water changes are one of the most important routine tasks to ensure that your aquarium is in the best of health. Fish and plants both benefit from a weekly 20% water change.

Most aquarium keepers have experienced the joy of swallowing gross, fishy water while starting a siphon by sucking on the end of a questionable garden hose. 

Our Aquarium Gravel Siphon will eliminate the need to drink fish water forever! Jiggling the Vacume end up and down in the fish tank will effortlessly start the siphon going. Then simply plunge the tube into the gravel where there are no plants to draw out the sediment and debris and refresh the tank. 

Pisces Gravel Vacuums are simple to use and very effective due to the design. Each vacuum features a shut-off tap, allowing you to stop the siphon and empty your bucket when it is full.

Only siphon 20-25% of aquarium water when performing a water change. Ensure that the new water is treated with Pisces Complete Water Conditioner and is a similar temperature to the aquarium water.