Bacopa Bunch

Bacopa Bunch

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Bacopa Bunch

General Description: Bacopa has attractive, small, round, bronze-coloured leaves on stems. The colour is most bronze when grown in high light levels. Bacopa provides an interesting contrast to green plants. 

Bacopa has a slow growth rate and the leaf sets are close together on the stem. If the shoots become too long in your aquarium, they can be cut and replanted in the substrate. 

What is special about me? When grown out of water the thick, succulent leaves smell like lemon, if they are crushed. Bacopa is also suitable to grow in outdoor ponds.

Scientists are currently attempting to make this plant bioluminescent. 

Scientific name: Bacopa caroliniana

Common name: Bacopa

Also known as: Water hyssop, Lemon bacopa

Country of Origin: North America 

pH Range: 6-8

Temperature Range: 20-30 degrees Celcius

Light Range: Low to high 

Tank Position:  Bacopa is ideal for growing at the middle or back of an aquarium

Difficult: Easy

Tank Mates: Suitable with most fish except large cichlids