Blue Stricta Bunch

Blue Stricta Bunch

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Blue Stricta Bunch

General Description: A large type of Hygrophila with fairly low requirements, perfect for filling out empty spaces in the middle-to-back of an aquarium. Blue Stricta has large, bushy, long green leaves that have a blue tinge to the new leaves under strong light.

What is special about me? There are more than 40 different strains of Hygrophila corymbosa 

Scientific Name: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Stricta'

Common Name: Blue Stricta

Country of Origin: South-East Asia

pH Range: 6.3-7.5

Temperature Range: 18-30 degrees Celcius

Light Range: Medium to High

Tank Position: Background

Difficulty: Easy

Tank Mates: Suitable for most fish except large cichlids

Blue Stricta is available in a Bunch, 3cm Terracotta Pot and 5cm Pot