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Elodea Bunch

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Elodea Bunch

General Description: One of the original, classic aquarium plants, Elodea is still very popular today. It has long, green stems with whorls of attractive leaves. Elodea helps to keep the water clean and can aid in algae control as the rapid growth of the elodea out-competes algae in the aquarium. This fast-growing plant can be trimmed and replanted and is recommended for stabilizing new aquariums.

Elodea is a great pond plant and is suitable for Goldfish and Turtle enclosures. It is safe for them to eat and can regrow. 

What is special about me? Elodea is a fantastic nutrient stripper and also oxygenates the water. 

Scientific Name: Eigeria densa

Common Name: Elodea

Also known as: Water-weed

Country of Origin: 

pH Range: 6.0-7.5

Temperature Range: 22-28 degrees Celcius

Light Range: Low to moderate

Tank Position: Elodea can grow to be taller than the water column and then float under the surface of the water so towards the back is ideal for planting. If you are very lucky, it has dainty white flowers that pop above the water surface.

Difficulty: Easy

Tank Mates: Suitable for most fish, goldfish and turtles

 Restrictions: Elodea is unable to be shipped to South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Northern Territory & Western Australia due to Government Restrictions.

Pisces Enterprises Bunch Plant Elodea Bunch
Elodea Bunch

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