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'Indo' Microsorum pteropus (Indo Java Fern) Extra-large Bareroot

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"Indo' Microsorum pteropus (Indo Java Fern) Extra Large Bare Root Plant  

(Piece of A4 paper to show size in last photo)
Scientific Name: Microsorum pteropus 

Trade name: Java Fern, Microsorum, Indo Micro
Difficulty: Easy

Indo Microsorum has translucent, green, leaves growing from a creeping rhizome.  Originally coming from South-east Asia, Microsorum grows naturally on rocks and tree bases, along the edges of rivers and streams. In nature, it grows both fully and partially submerged and can even grow out of water in high-humidity, tropical rainforests.

The Microsorum rhizome prefers to creep along the surface of the substrate, driftwood, or rock hardscaping. Leave it in the 5cm pot or remove the pot and grow-wool. Do not bury the rhizome, but perhaps tie it to some hardscaping with a piece of fishing line until it is established.

These plants are foliar feeders and may benefit from some ENRICH plant fertilizer when performing your regular water changes. They enjoy some water movement so can be placed near a filter or powerhead. 

Sometimes these aquatic ferns will grow spores that look like evenly spaced brown dots on the backs of the leaves. Very lucky people may even find small plantlets growing on the leaf margins.  

Pisces Enterprises 5cm Pot 'Indo' Microsorum pteropus (Indo Java Fern) Extra-large Bareroot
'Indo' Microsorum pteropus (Indo Java Fern) Extra-large Bareroot

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