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Orchid Killifish - Nothobranchius eggersi

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Orchid Killifish - Nothobranchius eggersi (Annual Killifish) Male and Female Pair

Beautiful patterned dwarf variety of killifish native to the temporary water holes of Tanzania. When the rains come, the fry miraculously appear in puddles where there was previously dust. They mature quickly and frolic and produce eggs until the dry season. When the water holes become dust bowls the adults die leaving the dormant eggs to wait a gain for the rain. 

These Australian bred fish are a delightful fish for a species aquarium.  

It is best to keep a bachelor school of males in a larger aquarium or a ratio of at least 2 female each male in a breeding colony. 

They enjoy plenty of live plants to help them to feel safe. 

They are omnivorous in nature so benefit from live or frozen bloodworms, white worms or brine shrimp in addition to Tropical Flakes, Micro Pellets and Betta Pellets.  

They are an annual short lived fish.

pH range: 4-7

Temperature: Tropical 26-28 degrees Celsius 


Pisces Aquatics Killifish Pair of Orchid Killifish - Nothobranchius eggersi (2 fish)
Orchid Killifish - Nothobranchius eggersi

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