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Rotala Wallichii Bunch

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Rotala Wallichii Bunch

Rotala Wallichii Bunch

General Description: I love Rotala Wallichii. It has long stems of fine, delicate leaves in various shades of bright pink, red wine, brown and purple. The soft, flexible whorls of leaflets and stems are about 2cm in diameter and dance in the current.  

Rotala Wallichii can require a little more effort than some but it is a wonderful plant, well worth the effort to grow. Somewhat delicate, it prefers an Aquarium with good growing conditions and plenty of light. You may like to cut and replant the tips to thicken the display. 

What is special about me? It is a creeping aquatic herb that grows underwater or emerging from streams in the wild. Rotala wallichi often grows purple-pink spires of flowers along creeksides and rice paddies in South East Asia.

Scientific name: Rotala wallichii

Trade name: Rotala wallichii

Difficulty: Advanced

Also known as: Rotala, Wallichii, Whorly Rotala

Country of Origin: South East Asia

pH Range: 5.5-7.5

Temperature Range: 20 to 30 degrees Celcius

Suitable for: Tropical Water

Tank Position: Suitable for anywhere you like in the tank

Difficulty: Can be a little fussy but well worth the effort

Tank Mates: The leaves are delicate so better with peaceful fish and tetras



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