Silver Waffle Bunch

Silver Waffle Bunch

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Silver Waffle Bunch

General Description: Silver Waffle has attractive leaves with silver and green on the topside of the leaves and a very strong purple colour underneath. It is a large growing stem plant. A staple beginner decor plant for Terrariums or as short-lived decor in Aquariums. The beautiful colours are very striking when combined with green leafed plants. 

Scientific Name: Strobilanthes alternata

Common Name: Silver Waffle 

Also known as: Waffle plant

Country of Origin: Java

pH Range: 6-8

Temperature Range: 15 to 30 degrees Celcius

Suitable for: Cold and Tropical Water

Tank Position: Silver Waffle is ideal for the mid to back-ground

Difficulty: Easy

Tank Mates: Suitable for most fish

Silver Waffle is avaliable as a Bunch or 5cm Pot