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Pisces Betta Starter Pack

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Pisces Betta Starter Pack

The Pisces Betta Starter Pack includes Pisces Complete Water Conditioner, Pisces Establish Nitrifying Bacteria, and Pisces Premium Fighter Pellets. 

It's the perfect kit for anybody starting a Betta (Siamese Fighter Fish) Aquarium.

Pisces Complete Water Conditioner Treatment

Pisces Complete Water Conditioner is an all-in-one conditioner suitable for both fresh and salt water aquariums. It removes harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals from your aquarium and also converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form. It can also be used to detoxify existing nitrite and nitrate. Complete Water Conditioner from Pisces will not impact pH.

Use when first establishing a new aquarium and whenever conducting a water change.

Pisces Establish Beneficial Bacteria

Pisces ESTABLISH is an outstanding solution for all new aquariums. It contains a specially selected, fermented bacteria which breaks down harmful ammonia, nitrogen sulphide and nitrite.

ESTABLISH helps form dominant micro-organism species which also inhibit pathogenic bacteria and green water.

Use when first establishing a new aquarium and whenever conducting a water change.

Pisces Premium Betta Pellet
Pisces Premium Betta Pellet is suitable for all Betta Fish (Siamese Fighter Fish) and other small fish such as Neons and Guppies. It provides a complete and balanced daily diet. 

Rapid Colouring: High natural astaxanthin content intensifies natural colour without causing any side effects. 
Vitality improvement: Added multivitamins trace elements, probiotics and a variety of amino acids enhance immunity, increase fish's digestive absorption functions which helps reduce pollution in the aquarium. 

Feeding: Feed 2-4 times per day but only feed enough food that can be consumed within a few minutes. Starter Pack Pisces Betta Starter Pack
Pisces Betta Starter Pack

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