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Cryptocoryne Wendtii Tall 5cm Pot

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Cryptocoryne Wendtii Tall 5cm Pot

Scientific name: Cryptocoryne wendtii "tall"
Trade name: Tall Wendtii

This is lovely green crypt with pinkish petioles (leaf stems). The tall, ruffled leaves are happy in low to medium light and live comfortably in the shade of other plants. An easy to grow plant, this crypt is ideal for beginners. A great Cryptocoryne to grow, highly recommended.

Crypts are highly collectable and a mass planting of various types creates an impressive display in an aquarium.

They can be planted in the aquarium in the terracotta pot or the pot and grow-wool can be removed to plant the bare root crypt in the substrate.

Cryptocoryne sp. or Crypts are very popular, easy to grow, aquatic plants. There are many different species of crypts encompasing many leaf shapes, colours and textures. They can be all shades of green, red, copper and brown with textures as varied as smooth, wavy, dimpled, strappy, puckered or veined. The leaves grow in a very attractive rosetting formation.

Crypts typically originate in South East Asia where they enjoy growing in shady streams and rivers. In the wild, they will grow both above the water and underwater. This is referred to as emerse or submerse.

Typically, Cryptocorynes are best suited to nuetral pH 6.8-7.2 they prefer the pH to remain relatively constant. They are easy to grow. Ideally, when keeping crypts, a weekly 25% water change is recommended. They are well suited to low or medium light and make very good foreground to midground plants depending on the variety and natural size. They look great grouped in patches of 3 or 5 plants. 

In the wild, they adapt rapidly to life underwater during the wet season. The majority of our crypts are grown emerse. When they are placed in a tank they will grow new underwater leaves and establish themselves in the aquarium. 

Crypts are one of the three main family groups of aquarium plants which include Anubias, Cryptocorynes and Echinodorus. Together these plant families can form the framework for a fantastic, aquascaped aquarium.


Pisces Enterprises 5cm Pot Cryptocoryne Wendtii Tall 5cm Pot
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Tall 5cm Pot

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