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Pisces Aquatics Round Betta Tank Kit

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The Pisces Aquatics desktop Betta tank is a fantastic home for your Betta. As a complete kit, this Tank comes with everything you need to set-up a healthy home for your new Siamese Betta fish. Light-weight materials ensure that this tank is light enough for most surfaces like desks, kitchen counters, bathrooms and more. Always ensure your chosen surface can support the weight of the fully filled tank.

Simply fill your Betta tank with fresh water and dose with the included Pisces Aquatics Complete water conditioner, as well as the Pisces Startup Establishing Bacteria. Allow the water to cycle through the filter until water quality is appropriate, then introduce your Betta fish.

Bettas love real live plants, and they are much safer for them than fake plant alternatives due to the Bettas large tail-fins being prone to tearing and injury.

Feed your Betta up to 3 times per day with the included Betta Pellets. Avoid over-feeding as this will result in fast water fouling, as well as potential health hazards for your fish.

The Pisces Aquatics Betta tank is also suitable for those wanting to establish a small Aquascape. It is ideal for shrimp or simply as a planted tank. 

How do I ensure a clean tank?

Ensure a 20% water change is carried out weekly. This can be done using a small siphon or cup. Ensure that water being replaced in the tank has been pre-treated with Pisces Complete water treatment. Never use untreated water in your Betta tank, even if the rest of the tank has been conditioned.

Pisces Aquatics Round Betta Tank Kit

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